EPL Fixtures Full Details: Date & Time with 92 Kick Off Remaining Matches Live Stream

EPL Fixtures Full Details Date Time with 92 Matches Live Stream

EPL Fixtures Full Details: Date & Time with 92 Kick Off Remaining Matches Live Stream

The wait is over for football fans as the Premier League 2019-2020 schedule will begin this week.

Due to Covid-19 pandemic the Premier League several week match schedule was delayed, which will be resumed on 17 June 2020.

Sheffield United VS Aston Villa and Arsenal VS Manchester City is the first match of Premier League in which four teams have played one match less than the other 16 clubs.

There are 92 games left this season, with Liverpool approaching the title and a lot to be decided.

Get the 92 remaining 2019-20 Premier League schedule below:

Wed 17th June 2020
6:00 p.m Aston Villa VS Sheffield United, Sky Sports
8:00 P.M Man City VS Arsenal, Sky Sports
Friday 19th June 2020
6:00 P.M Norwich VS Southampton, Sky Sports
8:00 P.M Tottenham VS Manchester United, Sky Sports
Sat 20th June 2020
12:30 P.M Watford VS Leicester , BT Sport
3:00 P.M Brighton VS Arsenal, BT Sport
5:30 P.M West Ham VS Wolves, Sky Sports
07:45 P.M Bournemouth VS Crystal Palace, BBC 
 Sun 21st June 2020
2:00 P.MNewcastle VS Sheffield United,Sky Sports
4:30 P.M Aston Villa VS Chelsea,Sky Sports
07:00 P.M Everton VS Liverpool, Sky Sports
Mon 22nd June 2020
8:00 P.M Man City VS Burnley, Sky Sports
Tue 23rd June 2020
6:00 P.M Southampton VS Arsenal, Sky Sports
8:15 P.MTottenham VS West Ham, Sky Sports
Wed 24th June 2020
6:00 P.M Manchester United VS Sheffield United,Sky Sports
6:00 P.M Newcastle VS Aston Villa, BT Sport
6:00 P.M Norwich VS Everton
8:15 P.M Liverpool VS Crystal Palace, Sky Sports
Thur 25th June 2020
6:00 P.M Burnley VS Watford, Sky Sports
6:00 P.M Leicester VS Brighton, Sky Sports
8:15 P.M Chelsea VS Man City, Sky Sports
8:15 P.M Wolves VS Bournemouth, BT Sport
Sun 28th June 2020
12:00 P.M Aston Villa VS Wolves, BT Sport
04:30 P.M Watford VS Southampton, Sky Sports
Mon 29th June 2020
8:00 P.M Crystal Palace VS Burnley
Tue 30th June 2020
6:00 P.M Brighton VS Manchester United, Sky Sports
8:15 P.M Sheffield United VS Tottenham, Sky Sports
Wed 1st July 2020
6:00 P.M Bournemouth VS Newcastle,Sky Sports
6:00 P.M Everton VS Leicester, Sky Sports
8:15 P.M West Ham VS Chelsea, Sky Sports
Thurs 2nd July
6:00 P.M Arsenal VS Norwich, BT Sport
8:15 P.M Man City VS Liverpool, Sky Sports

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